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Switch2Local is an amazing tool that small businesses can use and customize to their own needs. Being able to create my own promotions with the vast selection of templates really saves me time and money AND printing costs. Even though I am a printer, I never like to see flyers and coupons thrown in the trash. With Switch2Local, the promotions are digital and eco-friendly... and ALWAYS available for my customers on their cell phones.

I really like that I can offer several promotions at once to reach different target markets. And it is great that I can print posters and flyers as well for my walk in customers to see and take advantage of. Also getting digital images of my promotions so I can use them on social media is a big bonus as well and definitely expands my customer base.

I will most certainly continue to use Switch2Local technology to expand my business and I am looking forward to new features as they are released.

- Karim Kassam, Owner

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I've been using the Switch2Local for several months and I love being able to create my own promotions from the amazing templates provided... it is fun and easy to use. I was also able to set up my own Loyalty program that is specific to my business. My customers LOVE that they get rewarded every time they purchase.

The Switch2Local program gives me the freedom and flexibility to offer as many promotions as I like and at times that are convenient for me. It is great that I can create several promotions at once when I am in the mood and schedule them for future release dates without any extra work from me.

Being able to simultaneously publish the program on my website, email signature and social media has been a huge bonus as well. New (and existing) customers are definitely noticing and enjoying receiving and redeeming the promotions. They love that they don't have to carry a paper coupon around with them. And I love that the system tracks it all for me. I will definitely keep using it.

- Marisa Bilbao, Owner

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I found the app easy to use and a great communication tool for me to communicate with my customers which has helped me create loyalty with my clients. Using Switch2Local has allowed me to send promotions directly to the cell phones of my customers and contacts.

This style of marketing was not available to me in the past because it was never affordable for small business...until now. Finally, Switch2Local allows me to compete with much larger fitness companies on a level playing field.

- Matt Landsiedel, Owner