General Questions & Answers

We don’t have a customer list...

Most of our customers start without a list. We help create their initial list with a very simple step-by-step process. It’s easy for a business to add 100+ consumers to their account in less than a week!

Do my customers need to download an app?

No. That’s one of the reasons Switch2Local is superior over its competitors. It takes the hassle out of the whole process. You simply send a picture text message to their phone with your offer. When they come in to redeem it, you can either see the offer on their phone, or look up their cell phone number through the redeem tool! Our platform does all the tracking for you!

Do I need to learn new technology?

For premium subscribers, we manages all aspects of Switch2Local campaigns. You'll only need to learn how to use the redeem tool, which is super simple. For other subscribers, we have short easy-to-follow video tutorials that guides you every step of the way!

I already have a loyalty program!

That’s great! We can easily import all of your data for your customers into our system. Whether it’s Fivestars, or another program, it’s not a problem to copy over all of the customer’s existing points, etc into Switch2Local. Then, you have the benefit of using just one resource for all of your advertising and loyalty needs!

Switch2Local is one powerful resource for your business

Switch2Local gives your business the tools to effectively market your offers to existing and potential customers. Check out some of our video tutorials that highlight a few of our tools.

Use your desktop access to send and receive text messages with customers, without ever exposing you or your staff’s personal cell phone number! This gives customers an easy way to ask simple questions or provide feedback.

When you send a promotion to a customer, include a poll! Ask how they would rate your service, or what they commonly shop for at your business. The results turn into a targetable list, so that you can send a promotion specific to a group of people that responded your poll.

You might have multiple offers happening at once. Surely, you don’t want to send multiple text messages to your customers, causing them to unsubscribe from your number. Instead, create a digest of your offers using our tool, and send them a single text with a link to view all of the current offers!