How one customer made a
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Customer Success Story

Bodacious Bustlines Bras and Lingerie

The power of using mobile coupons. Don't take our word for it. Read about a real business who put our solutions to the test,
and came out thousands of dollars ahead.

Opened August 15th, 2007, Owner Angela Craig has been working hard to build her business. Bodacious Bustlines has been operating for 10 years, and she has seen her fair share of hard times in a sluggish economy. Like all small business owners, she knows that every dollar counts and every customer matters.

Prior to using Switch2Local, Angela used many avenues of advertising - Radio, Facebook, her business website, and print - common choices for most businesses. She began using our Switch2Local solutions in March 2017 and saw amazing results.

angela's quote

Their first test using our solution was restricted to just one of their locations. They created a promotion, "Pay $30 Spend $60 in the store on regular priced items only", and limited it to only 250 available coupons. They did some advertising on Facebook and their website, and saw astounding results.

According to Angela, here's her exact math on just how much she made from this single promotion:

bodacious's earnings example
Yes..... you read that correctly. She had 100% redemption rate, and made a total of $23,536.70 with a single promotion..... and all within 3 months!!!

After seeing the success of this test, they have also created a secondary campaign to honor birthdays. The coupon offered was 15% off all regular priced stock. Currently, they are in their 4th month of offering this coupon, and each month their sales have increased. They will soon be offering a promotion in celebration of their 10 year anniversary, and we can't wait to see how that goes! We're excited for Angela and all of her success!