Built for small business

We work with local family owned businesses across the United States. We understand how challenging it is to run a small business as we are one! You need to establish trust and loyalty with enough customers to become a success.

We think you need more of you to be in front of your busy customers. Our picture-based texting platform lets you put yourself ahead of the competition!

With Switch2Local, you can send beautiful picture-messages about your products, services, and directly connect with your customers via their cell phones.

Have more "facetime" with your customers!
Build your own brand!

We've got you covered!

We understand that you are busy and can't spend time tinkering with a new tech! We totally get that! This is why our Premium subscription comes with all the help you need!

Our customer care team will help you get your promotions up and running quickly! You can review and launch new promotions, or schedule a campaign without having to learn anything new. Just exchange a few emails or text messages with our team to confirm your details, and that's it! We handle the rest for you!

Text Messages Convert!

Typically, customers open text messages in less than 30 seconds. With an open rate of 98% or higher, it's no wonder texting has become the most important digital marketing channel for businesses of all sizes.

Established mega brands are already making a significant profit by sending promotions to their customers. Most likely you have already experienced one or more of their bulk text message( SMS) campaigns.

Ready for text marketing?

With Switch2Local, it's easy to build your mobile customer list and watch the profits roll in!

Made in CaliforniaROCKLIN

Switch2Local is designed, engineered, and operated from Rocklin, California. Our tech team is highly experienced in building and managing web-based solutions for the last two decades.

Northern California's only 5-star ranked chamber of commerce in Roseville, California entrusted us with all their text marketing needs since 2017. We are very proud to partner with many Northern California chambers of commerce.